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Profile Analytics

The Profile Analytics report gives a detailed picture of the workforce profiles in a certain area. It includes data focused on the companies, schools, and programs that appear within these profiles, and even provides a few example profiles that you can explore. 

To start the report, first select a government region or city. Next, choose a school, job title, occupation, industry, company, program, and/or specific skill if you would like. Then click Run

Here we will be looking at Web Developers in the Portland, OR MSA. 

Remember that you can adjust the data in the report (including profile recency) in the left side menu. For this example, we’re focusing on profiles that have been updated since 2015. 

At the top of the report, we can see the number of profiles that match our specifications, as well as a map of the region. On the map, the blue circles represent the number of profiles found in the area. The bigger the circle, the greater the number of profiles. 

Here we can see that out of 4,303 profiles, Portland proper has the majority, with Vancouver and Beaverton coming in next. 

Below the map is a list of the cities included in the Portland MSA, along with the number of profiles that list those cities as locations of residence. 

Again, Portland is found within these profiles the most frequently (71.9%). The second most frequently listed city is Vancouver, though it is found in only 7.2% of profiles. To view more cities, click the More button beneath the list. 

The next section allows you to click into one of the examples to see what a profile might look like in this area. For example, here we are viewing Eric Kristiansen’s profile. He is a .Net developer at Shimadzu U.S.A Manufacturing, Inc., and the job description tells us that his main responsibilities include c# programming and maintaining web databases. We can also see his email address, his phone number, his education, and the skills he has included in his profile. The Jump to Profiles List button at the top will allow you to see more profile examples. 

For any of the following sections, remember to click the More button below the list to see more examples. 

The company that employs the highest percentage of Web Developers in the Portland MSA is Nike, with 165 profiles (3.83%). Intel Corporation, US Bancorp, and Columbia Sportswear employ the next highest percentages, though the numbers of profiles are all below 50. 

Because we chose Web Developer as the occupation, the Top Occupations section will have a 100% profile match for the occupation. However, occupations often include a variety of job titles, depending on how the employer describes the position and the employee’s responsibilities. Below we can see that the term “Web Developer” is used in 637 profiles, and “Front-End Developer” is used in 244 profiles. 

The Top Schools list shows the colleges and universities that most commonly appear on Web Developers’ profiles. Since we’re looking at the Portland area, it’s understandable that the top schools are located in Portland and across the state of Oregon, such as Portland State University, Portland Community College, and Oregon State University. 

Within these schools there are programs that prepare students for various workforce occupations. Popular programs for Web Developers, shown below, include Computer Science and Design and Applied Arts. 

Finally, profiles usually contain a list of skills and qualifications that show an employee’s certifications for a job. Web Developers in Portland often have skills in Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, and HyperText Markup Language.

If you have any questions, please contact the customer service team by using the Submit a Question feature on the right hand side of the page. 

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Submit a Question

Let us know what specific questions we can help you with (we may even add your question to our knowledge base).