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Occupation Snapshot

The Occupation Snapshot provides data focused on occupational supply & demand, compensation, and demographics to help you understand the talent pool in your region. 

To start the report, select a job title and a region, either by county, MSA, state, or nation. In this example, we’ll be looking at the Fitness Instructors occupation in the Boston MSA. Then click Run

Remember, once inside the report you can further refine your selected dataset by clicking Fine-tune these settings at the top of the page.

Executive Summary

The report begins with charts that show how the Fitness Instructors occupation in Boston compares to the same occupation at the national level. 

We can see here that Fitness Instructor positions are popular in Boston, with over 4K more employees than in areas of similar size across the nation. The demand, shown by the number of job postings on the right, is also a bit higher than average. Fitness Instructors are also paid more in Boston ( $50K/year) than the national average ($40K), though these higher wages are probably due to Boston’s high cost of living. (See more about cost of living here.) 


This section shows the number of online social profiles that closely match Fitness Instructors, as well as the number of occupations that fit within the job category but may not match exactly. In Boston, there are 6,225 online profiles for Fitness Instructors, and 10,098 occupations that are reported by government sources as belonging to the same job family.


Next, we can see the top companies employing these Fitness Instructors, as well as their top job titles. Equinox Holdings, Inc., and the YMCA are the most popular employers for Fitness Instructors in Boston, with a large portion of Fitness Instructors classified as personal trainers or fitness trainers. 


The next graph plots the past and projected employment for Fitness Instructors in Boston, along with the national employment averages. From 2001 to 2015, Fitness Instructor employment in Boston and across the nation grew at a steady pace. Then from 2016 to 2018, Boston’s employment increased rapidly, leveling off in 2019. Employment for Fitness Instructors is projected to continue to increase, albeit at a slower rate, through 2023.



In the chart below we can see the industries in Boston where Fitness Instructors (and similar occupations) are usually employed. Amusement and recreation employs almost 70%, and civic and social organizations employ 13%. Note that schools, colleges, and universities employ around 8%, which implies that occupations such as PE teachers and health instructors/professors are included in this dataset. To see a more detailed list of industries for this job family, click the More Detail button beneath the chart. 



Next, these graphs provide insight into the diversity of the job family in this region. The number of Fitness Instructors ages 55 or older in Boston is just slightly below the national average, and gender diversity matches the national average. Racial diversity, however, is quite low for this occupation. There are 1,796 racially diverse Fitness Instructors in Boston, while similar areas usually have around 2,856. 


The map below shows the number of net commuters by zip code in the Boston MSA. By scrolling over any one colored section, you can see the name of the county and the number of commuters (positive numbers in blue, negative numbers in red). Zip code 2116, part of Boston’s Suffolk county, has the highest number of commuters arriving every day, at 357. Revere county has the most commuters leaving the area every day, with -62. 

Just below the map, you can see the areas where the most employees (for this occupation) work, and the areas where those employees live. To see a more comprehensive list of either dataset, click the More Detail button. 



By toggling between annual and hourly compensation, we can see how much Fitness Instructors are paid in the Boston area. Note that this figure includes compensation by years of experience, as well as median compensation. Also note that beneath the chart you can see percentile compensation for Boston, including compensation adjusted for cost of living, and for the nation. 

The median compensation for Fitness Instructors in Boston is $24.25 per hour. This means that half of Fitness Instructors in the area make less than $24, and half make more. We can also see that a Fitness Instructor with five or six years of experience makes around $21 per hour. 



This section shows us what the employer competition is like in the area for our selected occupation. As we saw earlier in the report, Fitness Instructor positions are highly concentrated in Boston, and the demand is high as well. Over 300 employers are advertising for this position on public job boards, with a total of 1,489 unique postings in the last 12 months. Because there are more positions hired than are advertised, Fitness Instructors are likely often hired through a local talent pool and word of mouth. 


The lists beneath this chart show the companies that are posting the most for Fitness Instructors, and the job titles most frequently listed in those job postings. For example, the YMCA posted 118 unique postings in the last year, followed by Town Sports, Ef Education First, and Equinox Holdings. We can also see that the most popular job titles are Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors. 


Graduate Pipeline

Finally, the graduate pipeline shows the schools in Boston that are contributing to the talent pool of Fitness Instructors. On the right, you can see the number of graduates each school produced in 2018, and by scrolling over the colored bars you can see the graduate numbers divided by degree type. The University of Massachusetts-Boston produced 191 relevant graduates in 2018, 184 of which received a Bachelor’s degree. Bridgewater State University had 119 graduates, out of 130, with a relevant BA. 

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