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Job Posting Competition

The Job Posting Competition report shows you the cities, industries, and companies posting the most frequently for a specific job or occupation. 

First, select the data you’d like to see in the report. There are a variety of data points to choose from, such as region, job title, skills, and company. You can use as many as you’d like to refine the results. 

In this example, we will be using Web Developers (occupation) with JavaScript (skill) in the Philadelphia MSA (region). Once you’ve selected the data you’d like to see, click Run

Remember, you can change the data once you’re inside the report by using the left side menu.


Job Posting Overview

At the top of the report is an overview of job postings for Web Developers (who can use JavaScript) in the area. We see that out of 51K total postings, 11.9K postings were unique, which comes out to a 4:1 ratio. This means that for every 1 unique posting, there were 4 duplicates of that job posting cross-posted to different websites. On average, these postings remained open for 32 days before they were removed, similar to the national average. 


Advertised Salary

Next, we can see the median salary advertised by these postings. In Philadelphia, half of Web Developers make less than $95K, and half make more. This is almost $30K above the national average. By scrolling over the chart, we can also see that around 100 job postings (4%)  advertise a salary between $145K and $170K. 


Regional Breakdown

The map below shows the counties included in the Philadelphia MSA and the number of unique job postings for Web Developers found in each of the included counties from September 2016 to August 2019. Philadelphia County takes the lead with 4,607 postings, and Montgomery County comes in second with 2,220 postings. 


Sample Postings

Beneath the map is a list of five sample postings for Web Developers. Click on any posting title to see the posting in full, including job title, location, required skills, and more. 

Here we’ve selected Senior Java Software Engineers, advertised by The Judge Group Inc. in Malvern, PA. The posting shows that the company is looking for a Full Stack Developer to work for at least one year. 

Note that if the job posting is still active, you can click Link to Live Job Posting to see the posting featured directly on the job board. To see a more complete list of postings, click the Jump to Job Postings List at the top right of this section.


Active Postings Trend

The chart below allows you to see monthly posting trends based on your selected timeframe (pictured below), or trends from the last 30 days. By scrolling over the plotted points, you can see the number of active postings, as well as the posting intensity (the ratio of total postings to unique postings). 

Notice the spike in postings for Web Developers between April and July of 2019. This could be due to some unique regional factor in the Philadelphia area, such as a large business opening up a headquarters with lots of new positions to fill. 


Education and Experience Breakdown

Next, these lists show the percentage of unique postings that require certain levels of education and/or years of experience. For Web Developers in Philadelphia, 4,047 postings (34%) require a bachelor’s degree, and 3,015 postings (25%) require at least 2-3 years of experience. 


Who’s Hiring

This section of the report shows the companies, cities, and industries that are posting the most for Web Developers, as well as the top job titles being advertised. These lists include the number of total postings and unique postings, posting intensity, and the median posting duration. 

Here we can see that Workbridge Associates posted 2,068 total postings in Philadelphia, about half of which were unique postings. The median posting duration for these postings seems rather long at 50 days, but if we look at Liberty Personnel Services, Inc., we can see that their median posting duration is 121 days. This could indicate that Liberty Personnel Services is having a more difficult time attracting the right talent, so they leave their postings open for a longer period of time. 

There are multiple cities included in the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington MSA, which means that posting will be more competitive here than within a single city. Philadelphia has the highest number of total postings at 21,643, but the posting intensity is 5:1, meaning that 1 out of every 5 postings is unique.

The occupation title “Web Developer” can refer to many different individual job titles, depending on how the position is defined by the employer. Here we can see that Java Developer, Front-End Developer, and Web Developer are the most commonly advertised job titles in the Philadelphia MSA. 

Finally, the list below shows the industries with the highest number of postings in the region. Not surprisingly, the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services industry is at the top of the list, with Administrative Services close behind. 


In-Demand Skills 

Job postings usually contain a list of required skills related to the position. This section shows how frequently those skills appear in both job postings and online profiles, which can give insight into the gap between what employers are looking for and what the workforce brings to the table.

Hard skills are skills which often require specific education and experience to master. For Web Developers in Philadelphia, JavaScript is the most frequently listed skill in both postings and profiles, which means that supply and demand are a close match. Angular Web Framework, however, shows some discrepancy between supply and demand, since it appears in 40% of postings and only 15-20% of profiles. 

Below the chart is a more detailed list of these skills. We can see the frequency percentages for both postings and profiles, as well as the ratio of postings/profiles that include the skill to total postings/profiles. 

Common skills can often be self-taught and don’t always require a certain level of education. Communications, a frequently required skill for many occupations, is listed in around 18% of postings for Web Developers but only around 2% of profiles. On the other hand, management shows up in over 25% of Web Developer profiles, but in less than 15% of postings. 

As with the hard skills section, there is a more detailed list of common skill frequency below the chart.

Next, we can see the qualifications that often appear on postings for Web Developers in Philly. Qualifications are certifications decided on by a third party entity that acknowledges a body of skills and abilities. Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is the most popular qualification for Web Developers in this area, followed by Salesforce Certification and Master of Business Administration. 

Finally, this list shows the job boards where most postings for Web Developers are located. Nexxt comes to the top of the list with over 4,000 postings, and Dice follows with 2,700. 

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