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How To Parse Skills from a Job Description in Talent Analyst

How It Works

1. Navigate to the Occupation Snapshot report

2. Select “Parse a job description”

3. Copy/paste a job description into the “Parse Job Description” field

4. Select the required skills for your role.

Depending on how granular you would like to make your search, you can include or exclude skills depending on their frequency in the workforce. For a broad search, use popular skills that will capture a wide range of workers. For niche roles, select the necessary skills to refine your search to exact matches.  

5. Enter a job title or select one from the suggested job titles. 

6. Select a region.

If no region is selected, Emsi will run all available regions by default. 

7. Click “Run” to explore the supply, demand, and compensation data for your role.


Skills Library

Text entered into the “Parse a job description” field is analyzed for any variation of the skills in Emsi’s open source skills library. Emsi has gathered over 30,000 skills from hundreds of millions of online job postings, profiles, and resumes from multiple sources. The skills library is updated every two weeks to reflect the latest changes in the labor market. 



The percentage to the right of each skill shows the frequency of that skill in online profiles that match your search. For example, if you entered “Data Scientist” in the job title input and “Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue” in the region input, the percentage next to “Machine Learning” would indicate that 25% of data scientists (self-defined) in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue MSA have machine learning listed as a skill in their online profile.



For a full definition of a skill, select the skill and then click “Learn More”. This will open an online definition of the skill. 

Related Skills

To see skills related to a particular skill, select the skill and view the “Related Skills” selection. This section will display other skills commonly held by workers with the selected skill.


To see context around why a piece of text was tagged, select the skill and click “Show Context”.

This will highlight all the words and phrases that were used as context to define this skill. 


Job Title Suggestion

Job title suggestions are based on real-time analysis of the last twelve months of job postings and reflect how employers are currently defining their roles. Emsi analyzes postings to find the most common titles for a given collection of skills. By default, Emsi will analyze all skills found in the job description. To fine-tune your job title suggestions, select the most relevant skills for your role on the right hand side of the screen in the skills window. Once skills are selected, job title suggestions will populate based on those selected skills. 


Skill Search Logic

By default, Emsi will search profiles and job postings that include all of the selected skills, meaning every selected skill must be present in each returned document. To change the skill search logic, navigate to “Advanced Options” and select “Any Skills” this will broaden your search to capture documents that contain any one of the skills selected. 

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