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GoRecruit Graphics FAQ

1. What file format are the infographics exported as?

GoRecruit allows users to export their infographics as PNG (Portable Network Graphic) files. 


2. Do the PNG files meet web accessibility standards?

The PNG infographics provided by GoRecruit are only compatible with screen reader technology when accompanied by alt text. If ADA web accessibility standards are desired, users will need to add their own alt text when uploading GoRecruit infographics to the web. 


3. How many graphics can be included in my exportable infographic?

At this time users are able to select up to three graphics to be included in their exportable infographic. If additional graphics are needed then a separate export will be required. 


4. Can I have additional or fewer entries within the table graphics?

To optimize the aesthetics of the GoRecruit infographics users can include a maximum of six entries for each table. Users can however use fewer than six entries if they so desire.


5. Can I change the icons associated with each graphic?

At this time the icons associated with each of the graphics cannot be removed or changed.


6. How do I order the graphics that makeup the infographic?

Graphics are arranged by the order in which they were selected and placed into the infographic. Once a graphic has been added to the infographic, the order cannot be rearranged. If reordering the graphics inside of your infographic is desired, simply select the “trash can” icon to remove the graphics and then re-select each one in the desired order. 


7. Will the data in the infographic (prior to being exported) update if I change the filterable fields (searching by a new program, geographic location, etc)?

No, they will not change. Graphics become static once they are placed into the infographic. If users would like to display information using updated filters they will need to create new graphics to be placed into the infographic. 

This also means that users can create infographics with multiple sets of data. For example, a user could create an infographic that displayed companies employing their accounting graduates and their finance graduates. Generating new information using new programs will not change previously selected graphics. 


8. Our institution has a specific font package that we use for our materials. Can I import our fonts into GoRecruit?

GoRecruit utilizes many open-sourced fonts from Google. We are confident that users will be able to find a font among the many available that is a close match. Due to licensing restrictions we are unable to import custom font packages into GoRecruit for each institution. 

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Submit a Question

Let us know what specific questions we can help you with (we may even add your question to our knowledge base).